Hair Transplants – Permanent Solution to Male Pattern Baldness


There are lots of good reasons for hair loss but 90 percent of most the cases in men are due to a condition known as “androgenetic alopecia.” This is usually referred to as “male pattern hair loss”

You will lose 80 to 100 strands of hair per day. But this hair isn’t dead as all the hair which drops gets replaced with fresh growing hair thinning. The hair moves through a generation, growth and fall cycle that lasts again with creation of new hair follicles. You do not become bald because you are losing more hair you will get bald once the lost hair isn’t replaced with new hair follicles.

Patients with grade  Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey thinning respond together with drugs independently; unless the patient really wants to adjust the hair line or bring forwards the rectal receding on either side. Anyone under age of 2-3 years or perhaps not needing hair loss beyond Grade III isn’t considered for transplant operation. Patients with grade 4 hair loss and more need drugs and operation to achieve a desired outcome.

Pre-treatment/pre-conditioning of baldness with drugs which prevent baldness, cause new hair growth and strengthen the hair roots in the receiver area prior to the transplant is suggested. It prevents baldness in two weeks, and thinning of hair thinning in men and women will get fixed by 60-70% with cyclical medicines within 4 weeks. More over, pre operative conditioning the follicles ensures a predictable and guaranteed result following a transplant.

The golden standard in recovery surgery is the Follicular Unit hair-transplant additionally referred to as follicular unit baldness or “the strip method.” A follicular unit will be the naturally occurring group of hair comprising from 13, periodically 4 hair. The hair follicles on the back along with the head (that the “donor area”) are genetically programmed to become permanent (i.e. they really do not fall).

A transplant involves moving a persons own live hair follicles, which are genetically programmed to not fall, into a location of hair loss. The grafts could be inserted into tiny needle- sized web sites in the receiver area. A combination of these different sized grafts can be used in the hair thinning, with the one-hair grafts in an irregular pattern over the hairline, and the two & three hair grafts placed further behind to generate more density.

Hair Transplant Birmingham is done under local anaesthesia together with sedation (if required) to allow you to comfortable and relaxed. As much as 2000 grafts could be summed in one procedure lasting 6 10 hours. You’re able to go home the same day.

Antibiotics & mild pain pills to lower the possibility of swelling & pain are required the first 3 days following the task. You are able to wash your hair with a mild shampoo daily 3 following surgery and can go back to function and most ordinary pursuits.

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